Friday, January 3, 2014

An argument for faith

There is much antagonism online these days, antagonism against those who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ, I think it is due to ignorance. As a follower of Christ I am called narrow minded, and bigotted, which I find very interesting, I think the meaning of bigot has been lost, or at least redefined, for what is bigotted about haveing an unconditional love for your neighbor, I wonder. Perhaps, there is the idea that Westboro Baptist is the representation of all Christendom, Somewhere they forgot about love...
For two thousand years Christians have been tortured, tormented, abused, and murdered, and very few have raised a hand to prevent it, instead they turn the other cheek. For two millenia followers of Christ have followed a hard path, whilst their neighbors (including those who hurl filth upon them) seem to walk an easier road. Still, in all the centuries they have not turned from their path, and the mockers still heckle them. It seems to me that to follow the Way of Christ is to follow the path of pain, and suffering, and to know you may endure these things, and still follow takes courage.
I wish to address the weak minded individuals who constantly attack, and never stop to think, that they are following the crowd, those that think that we are brainwashed yet never stop to consider where their source of hate comes from... we love you! We who follow the true path have the ability to love the muslim, but hate Islam, to love the homosexual, but hate his buggery. We are accused of being Narrow minded, but what is narrow minded about loving your neighbor as yourself, this I would ask. I have heard people put out on the web that they are opposed to anything that might smack of Christ, and they spew forth their hate of those who are Christ Followers. I send out a challenge to you, try loving us, instead of hating us, as we love and do not hate you, I would wager that you do not have the courage to do so.
Perhaps I seem a little weak minded for choosing hope, and responsibility, and compassion, and faith in something unseen, but who has seen the wind?
Maybe I seem scientifically out of touch because I do not blindly accept what "science" claims to be true... after all "science" claims that 13 billion years ago the universe began out of nothing, and began to rapidly expand, and from nothing everything that is sprang into existance, however "science" has yet to conduct an experiment causing matter to spontaneously appear from nothing. It claims that certain chemicals began to mix, and after a while life evolved, yet in all their experiments not even a single celled organism has been created from mixing chemicals. Eventually, over billions of years life as we know it evolved, through various mutations, none of which have ever been observed occuring, even in the fossil record. "science" feels it is neccessary to ignore any evidence that might point to a much younger earth, indeed such evidence is ridiculed, and any who support such evidence, or present it are proffessionaly destroyed. This thing we call "science" calls us to take much on faith to be true, as no scientific method has ever been capable of proving these hypothesis. Biologically speaking most mutations are harmful, and sterile, if indeed we had evolved, should we not eveolved defences to the common cold, or cancer?
"Science" tells us that climate change is occuring, indeed it is the fault of man, that we are destroying the ozone layer, or adding too much co2 into our athmosphere, yet it cannot explain why as the ice recedes in Greenland Viking farms are being uncovered, or why the antarctic has thickening ice, why when glaciers recede on one side of the world, they grow on another. Personally, I think that "science" has simply become a religion, and these so called scientists the prophets.That would be why they are very antagonistic towards people who believe in a creator.
Interestingly enough, every ancient culture not only believed in a creator, but also has stories of a world wide flood, (Two things "science" claims to be in error). Other interesting facts gather, like ancient knowledge of the solar system, including knowledge of Mars, and its two moons, millenia before the first telescope was known to have been invented. We lack the technology today to build the great pyramid of Giza, in the time frame it was known to have been built in, or an explanation for the water marks seen in the Queens chamber. Yet if I follow the teachings of Christ I am narrow minded, if I believe the bible to be true, than I am a fool, for the bible tells a creation story, and speaks of a flood. I am an idiot if I have seen, and held fossilised teddybears, from Australia, because fossilisation takes place over millions, and billions of years, the fact that the bible describes certain  dinosaurs has no relevance.
If I blieve the bible, than I believe there is a GOD, and that He created man, and that mans role was to be steward over creation, I must also believe man failed at that task, and is still failing. If I believe the bible I believe in a young earth, I must also believe in aliens, for non terrestrial beings were mentioned in the bible. As A bible believing follower of Christ I am very narrow minded!
I am bigotted too, because I do not teach the philosophy of tolerance, and that cannot be tolerated. I am bigotted, because I believe certain things are wrong, and that we have a choice as to whether or not we do these things. I am bigotted because I believe homoseuality is unnatural, I am called a homophobe because i think the very act is disgusting, and yet that does not mean I am afraid of the people who commit these acts, I can think someone is doing something wrong, and still be their friend. I am a bigot because I believe it is natural for a male and a female to have coitus. I am a bigot because I believe in such a thing as sin, and that there is redemption from this sin, I am a bigot because I believe in the power of forgiveness, and love, (agape=unconditional love). I am a bigot because the one who called me, came to call sinners for redemption, and not merely call, but to redeem them too. I am a narrow minded bigot because I follow a way of hope, love, and personal responsibility.
I am called weak minded because I choose to believe in something unseen, please note the word choose! I have a choice, and I am responsible for my actions, no one made the choice for me, I chose to accept the gift of eternal life, the gift of love, the gift of hope for the future, and I pity those who spurn this free gift. I am weak minded because I have chosen to believe something that is contrary to popular culture, and to follow this even if it leads to my death. I am weak minded because I do not spew bile, and hate, because I do not froth at the mouth over anyone that disagrees with me, I am weakminded because I have chosen a life that is dificult, shrouded with pain, yet that is not without hope. I am weakminded because I have not chosen the religion of "science". I am a weakminded, bigotted, narrow minded, homophobic individual because of all these things, and because I believe that life within the womb is life, that abortion, and euthanasia is wrong, and because I believe that true science requires actual physical experiments, with actual physical results that are repeatble to anyone who tries them.

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