Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Long Time Passed

A long while has passed since last I plied quill and parchment, since last I spilled out the in of my thoughts, since I displayed my verbal dance for all to view. There are reasons for not posting, some are good, some are not, but I take responsibility for my actions, and will not pass the blame on to my computer breaking down, nor will I pass it on an o'er whelming load since my daughter walked into this existence, for all of these would be at the same time true, and untrue. Time can be found, when one chooses to find it, and technological troubles are trivialities, where in this land there is an overburden of places for use of computational machines. SO it is my own fault for not posting earlier, as I take the blame for my own inaction I begin to wonder why it is so difficult for so many to accept the blame for their own inaction.
There is a positive preponderance of problems that would be solved with the simple action of accepting personal responsibility for ones actions. Imagine a world where when a politician found some promise to politically problematic, they announced it for the reason, and not pass the blame on to another party, imagine if instead of playing the blame game people owned up to their own shortcomings, (politicians are included in this group). If shoddy maintenance leads to an oil spill, or faulty manufacturing leads to a ponderous amount of accidents, if such things were owned up to, there would not be groups seeing such retribution, the lawsuits would diminish, the lawyers would not charge as much, and more jobs could be kept, in an economy where jobs are already scarce.
I wonder if I start accepting the blame for my inaction, or my action, would I be setting an example, or would it  not make any difference, could I start a trend where people say " I cannot tell a lie, for it was I ", and not "the devil made me do it". I wonder what the world would be like if people stopped lying all the time, about everything and anything, if people stopped saying it is GOD's fault, if people stopped saying it's the Devil's fault, if people started saying " I admit, I did it, It was my own fault".
People blame everything, for example, a man walks into  a school and shoots 20 people, and who gets the blame? The guns of course!! Now let us go further and ban the weapons that were used, this should stop such tragedies from occurring, but heaven forbid we suggest that the one holding the guns share responsibility for the shooting. He was a victim of circumstance, he was let down by society, he was on drugs, he was psychologically unsound, he was not entirely at fault, maybe the government set it up as a false flag event to get people to agree to ban guns... heaven forbid we actually blame the SandyHook Gunman, for killing those people, someone has to pay, and so we will put him in prison for a little while, but it is a symbolic gesture, he really was not at fault, in fact, and in deed it was the fault of the guns, and of society, and of everyone but him.
What kind of world would it be where personal responsibility started personally, if we all accepted the consequences of our own actions, if we stopped the swapping of lies to soothe our shattered consciences.

John 8:44

Darby Translation (DARBY)
44 Ye are of the devil, as [your] father, and ye desire to do the lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks falsehood, he speaks of what is his own; for he is a liar and its father:

So how many people who have sworn allegiance to the High King of Heaven, pay lip service to the adversary? If those who followed Truth, or who claim to, started following truth, instead of showing the complete absence thereof, perhaps we would be on our way to a much better world. If all those who claim to be Christian, also claimed culpability for their actions, then perhaps, two large things would be accomplished. First we would change the world through our actions, and through our culpability; second we would not provide such fodder for those who see us a hypocritical group, or  faithless followers of a faint hope. As a follower of the Way, I am also a follower of the Truth, as a result I accept the responsibility, I accept that I am culpable, that I am to blame for not posting here sooner. 
For my friend the grammar Nazi, I also accept that I have some bad grammar, punctuation, etc. if you want to be my editor, I will accept that... I focus mostly on writing, and less on other aspects, for that, I accept the Truth, I am not much good at writing grammatically, with proper punctuation, I am just good at writing!

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