Saturday, August 4, 2012

"The United States, as well as other nations, has had a history of flexing its muscle. It has become an ingrained reflex, Like a strong man in the circus showing the bulges on his arms. Unfortunately it also has a tendency to overreact to situations as a result, and this habit of killing mosquitoes using cannons has filtered down to the local level. In such times it is necessary to step back, and laugh at the pure idiocy of it, laugh out loud and in a public forum, laugh for that is the purest form of free speech. Look at the great empires of history, faded into myth and legend, Greece, Troy, Rome, Persia, America, Aztec, and laugh when you see people actively trying to repeat the mistakes that caused these empires to fall. Laugh for all the world to hear!!!"
I made this post in a FaceBook group called 2nd Revolt, a group that is actively trying to actively inform people on today's hot issues; Police brutality, government corruption, the rising Fasces. Unfortunately most people get stuck on non-issues, and never get off of them, more people try to transfer the blame to others. In "Informed Americans" the blame is given to the global Zionist conspiracy, and yet they never consider the source of their views on Zionism. In 1921 if you asked an Irish man where the greatest source of evil, in their eyes, came from, they would have said England. If you ask a Moslem, they will say it is Israel, ask an American, and the response will vary... Jews, Moslems, Government, problem is that this is only a way of passing the buck, of ignoring the timber in our own eyes.
 The truest form of evil arising, in the world, is wilful ignorance, blissfully forgetting to think, trying to wallow in stupidity, and swallowing everything the governments ministry of truth tells you. In time you will find the Christians being sent to prison, because their belief system has become illegal, because they stood around and did nothing when they could have made a stand against arising evil. All it takes for evil to prosper is for Christians to not be actively participating in activism. The occupy movement has a vein of antisemitism flowing through it, because of Palestinian infiltrators, and the christians have done nothing, (as a hole), "it doesn't affect us"...
 Can the belief system of the Christians have been so eroded that they actually refuse to see this?
 How much of the Holy Bible would be blacked out if Christians deleted parts they found inconvenient?
 Wilful ignorance is not only for the unwashed masses, indeed Christians are some of the worst partakers of this, not at all following the example of Christ. Maybe part of this is the allowance of pseudoscience to replace actual science, for an example I offer Creation Science. (No such thing). It came about as a way to refute Evolution, but that also is not a science, both fall within the realms of art, and fantasy. Science, true science, has provable results, you cannot possibly prove creation, nor evolution, without faith. What is next, do we relegate our own personal faith to science in order to battle the heathen? If already we are allowing deception to take part in our daily life, and we are ignoring facts we are then party to the evil that is arresting our faith.  If we are party to this evil, we are no better than the terrorists, who attack the churches in Nigeria, or the Syrians who whine about how unfair life is because Israel exists.
 Why are the Christians not standing up against the whining of Syrians, defending Israel against antisemitic attacks? Perhaps it is because they have become indistinguishable from the rest of the world, they are terrified of offering offence, they just wanna live in peace, they just wanna be politically correct. So they are bound for a Hell of their own building...