Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Okay, here it is, stop your whining Dan!!
 I have been asked by various people to open a blog to iterate my ponderings on politics, poetry, and prose, so here it is, stop whining!!!
You will notice I recommend a few other blogs, and trust me - if you like my passionate rants, poetical studies, or even my fictional stories, then you will like these blogs. If you want to know why a person thinks as he does, then see what he reads, or in many cases watches on the one eyed god who tells him what to think, and what to not think. The decline of the story teller is due in a large part to an electronic gadget that rules the house, for if it did not then schedules would not be reworked around the programming, and parents would not use it as a babysitter, and the media would not have such a hold on how people think.
 My friend Christian would say that I have a tendency to wax long on certain subjects, or perhaps in private he would refer to it as flogging a dead horse, I admit that sometimes I will go off on a rant ad nausium,but i am not trying to flog a dead horse, I am trying to flay it, and post up the dead rotting corpse for all to see, and smell. If this dead horse raises enough of a stink, then perhaps people will be annoyed enough to do something about it. Unlike many people, though, I will admit when I am wrong, and if necessary make apologies, though I am not often wrong, I try to get my facts straight, and when the ducks are in a row, maybe I can shoot several of them with only one bullet. When I find myself on open ground, fighting a battle, and no one notices, then sometimes I call for reinforcements. Imagine the furor that arises when more than just I am reporting an issue that people would try to ignore.
 Ignorance is not bliss, it is potentially fatal to your freedom, whether you are a patriot fighting for liberty, or a follower of Christ fighting against the pervasive evil that has infiltrated the church, or pretty much anybody else, fighting for justice, freedom, truth, or love. It is my task to try to relieve you of your ignorance, on certain subjects, and try to entertain you at other times... I am a storyteller afterall, and a poet, and you will be able to revue and comment critically upon my musings, my poetry, even my writing. Dear reader, remember when you are offended by what i say, look at why it offends you!!!!


  1. When you gonna do another post? Looking forward to reading your ramblings.