Friday, January 3, 2014

An argument for faith

There is much antagonism online these days, antagonism against those who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ, I think it is due to ignorance. As a follower of Christ I am called narrow minded, and bigotted, which I find very interesting, I think the meaning of bigot has been lost, or at least redefined, for what is bigotted about haveing an unconditional love for your neighbor, I wonder. Perhaps, there is the idea that Westboro Baptist is the representation of all Christendom, Somewhere they forgot about love...
For two thousand years Christians have been tortured, tormented, abused, and murdered, and very few have raised a hand to prevent it, instead they turn the other cheek. For two millenia followers of Christ have followed a hard path, whilst their neighbors (including those who hurl filth upon them) seem to walk an easier road. Still, in all the centuries they have not turned from their path, and the mockers still heckle them. It seems to me that to follow the Way of Christ is to follow the path of pain, and suffering, and to know you may endure these things, and still follow takes courage.
I wish to address the weak minded individuals who constantly attack, and never stop to think, that they are following the crowd, those that think that we are brainwashed yet never stop to consider where their source of hate comes from... we love you! We who follow the true path have the ability to love the muslim, but hate Islam, to love the homosexual, but hate his buggery. We are accused of being Narrow minded, but what is narrow minded about loving your neighbor as yourself, this I would ask. I have heard people put out on the web that they are opposed to anything that might smack of Christ, and they spew forth their hate of those who are Christ Followers. I send out a challenge to you, try loving us, instead of hating us, as we love and do not hate you, I would wager that you do not have the courage to do so.
Perhaps I seem a little weak minded for choosing hope, and responsibility, and compassion, and faith in something unseen, but who has seen the wind?
Maybe I seem scientifically out of touch because I do not blindly accept what "science" claims to be true... after all "science" claims that 13 billion years ago the universe began out of nothing, and began to rapidly expand, and from nothing everything that is sprang into existance, however "science" has yet to conduct an experiment causing matter to spontaneously appear from nothing. It claims that certain chemicals began to mix, and after a while life evolved, yet in all their experiments not even a single celled organism has been created from mixing chemicals. Eventually, over billions of years life as we know it evolved, through various mutations, none of which have ever been observed occuring, even in the fossil record. "science" feels it is neccessary to ignore any evidence that might point to a much younger earth, indeed such evidence is ridiculed, and any who support such evidence, or present it are proffessionaly destroyed. This thing we call "science" calls us to take much on faith to be true, as no scientific method has ever been capable of proving these hypothesis. Biologically speaking most mutations are harmful, and sterile, if indeed we had evolved, should we not eveolved defences to the common cold, or cancer?
"Science" tells us that climate change is occuring, indeed it is the fault of man, that we are destroying the ozone layer, or adding too much co2 into our athmosphere, yet it cannot explain why as the ice recedes in Greenland Viking farms are being uncovered, or why the antarctic has thickening ice, why when glaciers recede on one side of the world, they grow on another. Personally, I think that "science" has simply become a religion, and these so called scientists the prophets.That would be why they are very antagonistic towards people who believe in a creator.
Interestingly enough, every ancient culture not only believed in a creator, but also has stories of a world wide flood, (Two things "science" claims to be in error). Other interesting facts gather, like ancient knowledge of the solar system, including knowledge of Mars, and its two moons, millenia before the first telescope was known to have been invented. We lack the technology today to build the great pyramid of Giza, in the time frame it was known to have been built in, or an explanation for the water marks seen in the Queens chamber. Yet if I follow the teachings of Christ I am narrow minded, if I believe the bible to be true, than I am a fool, for the bible tells a creation story, and speaks of a flood. I am an idiot if I have seen, and held fossilised teddybears, from Australia, because fossilisation takes place over millions, and billions of years, the fact that the bible describes certain  dinosaurs has no relevance.
If I blieve the bible, than I believe there is a GOD, and that He created man, and that mans role was to be steward over creation, I must also believe man failed at that task, and is still failing. If I believe the bible I believe in a young earth, I must also believe in aliens, for non terrestrial beings were mentioned in the bible. As A bible believing follower of Christ I am very narrow minded!
I am bigotted too, because I do not teach the philosophy of tolerance, and that cannot be tolerated. I am bigotted, because I believe certain things are wrong, and that we have a choice as to whether or not we do these things. I am bigotted because I believe homoseuality is unnatural, I am called a homophobe because i think the very act is disgusting, and yet that does not mean I am afraid of the people who commit these acts, I can think someone is doing something wrong, and still be their friend. I am a bigot because I believe it is natural for a male and a female to have coitus. I am a bigot because I believe in such a thing as sin, and that there is redemption from this sin, I am a bigot because I believe in the power of forgiveness, and love, (agape=unconditional love). I am a bigot because the one who called me, came to call sinners for redemption, and not merely call, but to redeem them too. I am a narrow minded bigot because I follow a way of hope, love, and personal responsibility.
I am called weak minded because I choose to believe in something unseen, please note the word choose! I have a choice, and I am responsible for my actions, no one made the choice for me, I chose to accept the gift of eternal life, the gift of love, the gift of hope for the future, and I pity those who spurn this free gift. I am weak minded because I have chosen to believe something that is contrary to popular culture, and to follow this even if it leads to my death. I am weak minded because I do not spew bile, and hate, because I do not froth at the mouth over anyone that disagrees with me, I am weakminded because I have chosen a life that is dificult, shrouded with pain, yet that is not without hope. I am weakminded because I have not chosen the religion of "science". I am a weakminded, bigotted, narrow minded, homophobic individual because of all these things, and because I believe that life within the womb is life, that abortion, and euthanasia is wrong, and because I believe that true science requires actual physical experiments, with actual physical results that are repeatble to anyone who tries them.

A painfull cry

My heart it aches, is indeed broken, as I write this. My child is dead! My unborn babe, whom I loved, has passed into eternity, my wife has wrung the tears from all the halls of her heart, and the walls of her face have been washed by them. My Daughter unknowing goes forth to face the world unconcerned, yet she feels this great sadness that hangs over my house, but does not understand it. My intestines have wrapped themselves into knots, and my grief is indescribable. Yet in the midst of the pain, in the midst of the darkness, in the depths of our despair, there is a peace, and a hope undefinable.
My child is dead, who never saw this world, yet I know someday I will see the babe, for it has been gathered into the arms of the Father of All, I have an inexplicable hope, knowing that he will be watching from above waiting to meet his Daddy, and Mummy, who loved him. The pain is overcome by peace, and grief gives way to victory, for life is fleeting. How unbearable must be such a loss to those who live without hope, how deep the pit of grief, for it is only hope that buoys us upward, only hope that gives me the strength to lend to my wife.
When my wife entered the hospital, people all over the world were offering prayers for our family, for our little unborn child, and those prayers were answered, if not in the way we expected. My wife is safe, there were no complications, she lives, the doctors did not fail. My daughter is alive, as am I, we grieve for our loss, but with the knowledge that we will greet our little one one day. I have lost a part of me, and it causes me to understand more about Our Father. "How deep the Fathers love for us...", I understand the loss of a loved one, I understand the loss of a child, (even if ours was yet unborn), I do not know I would have had the courage, or the strength to give this child up knowing that he would die.
It gets easier, as the days pass, but still my emotions run riot, still I bounce about, like rowboat in the heart of a tempest. I scream, in my heart, and ask why, as a poet I am more aware of such emotions, as a writer I give vent to them, my pain fills the words, my grief leaks out between the pages. Why, perhaps I shall never know, but I am at peace, I know my child is safe, and for that I am glad. The prayers of a multitude bear us up, and we are grateful, the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective, and we covet these prayers all the more in our darkest hours.
Perhaps in time I can get a handle on all this agonizing grief, perhaps it will make a poem, but as for now, I express myself in prose. I vent my profound sadness, in a manner that is easiest for me, I weep with sorrow, and the words blur and become unreadable blotches upon this page, the ink separating into various pixels. My sorrow is profound, like the depths of the deepest sea, and yet I have hope for tomorrow, I do not have to bear this burden alone, I can pass it off to the one who holds my hope for the future. I have help, in a very real way, from He who holds the future, who is strong though I am weak, who loves us enough to die for us. In the end I have enough strength to lend to my wife who needs it, and we can grieve together.
However, I now know, from experience, how awful it is to use the emergency room here, and were I the type to curse, to pass judgement, the type to flog dead horses, I would pronounce an awful doom, on those who treated my wife and I so shabbily, I would call down plagues upon them, but I do not. I do not for they do not know any better, they have been mistaught about patients emotional needs. My only suggestion would be for them to do what medical doctors have done... put on the patients gown, and wear it for a week, indeed wear it in their own ward, and live there also. Until they have seen from a patients eye, they can not realize how traumatic it is to be a patient in their ward, and this would drastically improve the quality of their care. I will not vent about this hideous treatment, as I will try to put it behind us, and pray for those who have mistreated us, but I do not say that forgiving them in this season of sorrow is easy. Someday it will matter no more, and cursing those who have abused us will have been as nought.
I have no idea how people can be taught to be so cold and callous, in the heart of a place dedicated to the care of the afflicted, I do not understand why people put up with it, but I do know this, it is an indication of a deeper problem. When an unborn child is not seen as a person, there is a problem, when people are taught that it the fetus is not a living being, how far can it be before they say that the elderly, or the mentally disabled are not people, how long before medical murder is completely sanctioned. This is very disturbing in an essentially Roman Catholic country, even more disturbing though, are the lack of chaplains of any sort in the hospitals, or in the military. The church and the state become so separated that the God becomes forgotten, that the state tries to become an atheist state.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Long Time Passed

A long while has passed since last I plied quill and parchment, since last I spilled out the in of my thoughts, since I displayed my verbal dance for all to view. There are reasons for not posting, some are good, some are not, but I take responsibility for my actions, and will not pass the blame on to my computer breaking down, nor will I pass it on an o'er whelming load since my daughter walked into this existence, for all of these would be at the same time true, and untrue. Time can be found, when one chooses to find it, and technological troubles are trivialities, where in this land there is an overburden of places for use of computational machines. SO it is my own fault for not posting earlier, as I take the blame for my own inaction I begin to wonder why it is so difficult for so many to accept the blame for their own inaction.
There is a positive preponderance of problems that would be solved with the simple action of accepting personal responsibility for ones actions. Imagine a world where when a politician found some promise to politically problematic, they announced it for the reason, and not pass the blame on to another party, imagine if instead of playing the blame game people owned up to their own shortcomings, (politicians are included in this group). If shoddy maintenance leads to an oil spill, or faulty manufacturing leads to a ponderous amount of accidents, if such things were owned up to, there would not be groups seeing such retribution, the lawsuits would diminish, the lawyers would not charge as much, and more jobs could be kept, in an economy where jobs are already scarce.
I wonder if I start accepting the blame for my inaction, or my action, would I be setting an example, or would it  not make any difference, could I start a trend where people say " I cannot tell a lie, for it was I ", and not "the devil made me do it". I wonder what the world would be like if people stopped lying all the time, about everything and anything, if people stopped saying it is GOD's fault, if people stopped saying it's the Devil's fault, if people started saying " I admit, I did it, It was my own fault".
People blame everything, for example, a man walks into  a school and shoots 20 people, and who gets the blame? The guns of course!! Now let us go further and ban the weapons that were used, this should stop such tragedies from occurring, but heaven forbid we suggest that the one holding the guns share responsibility for the shooting. He was a victim of circumstance, he was let down by society, he was on drugs, he was psychologically unsound, he was not entirely at fault, maybe the government set it up as a false flag event to get people to agree to ban guns... heaven forbid we actually blame the SandyHook Gunman, for killing those people, someone has to pay, and so we will put him in prison for a little while, but it is a symbolic gesture, he really was not at fault, in fact, and in deed it was the fault of the guns, and of society, and of everyone but him.
What kind of world would it be where personal responsibility started personally, if we all accepted the consequences of our own actions, if we stopped the swapping of lies to soothe our shattered consciences.

John 8:44

Darby Translation (DARBY)
44 Ye are of the devil, as [your] father, and ye desire to do the lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks falsehood, he speaks of what is his own; for he is a liar and its father:

So how many people who have sworn allegiance to the High King of Heaven, pay lip service to the adversary? If those who followed Truth, or who claim to, started following truth, instead of showing the complete absence thereof, perhaps we would be on our way to a much better world. If all those who claim to be Christian, also claimed culpability for their actions, then perhaps, two large things would be accomplished. First we would change the world through our actions, and through our culpability; second we would not provide such fodder for those who see us a hypocritical group, or  faithless followers of a faint hope. As a follower of the Way, I am also a follower of the Truth, as a result I accept the responsibility, I accept that I am culpable, that I am to blame for not posting here sooner. 
For my friend the grammar Nazi, I also accept that I have some bad grammar, punctuation, etc. if you want to be my editor, I will accept that... I focus mostly on writing, and less on other aspects, for that, I accept the Truth, I am not much good at writing grammatically, with proper punctuation, I am just good at writing!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"The United States, as well as other nations, has had a history of flexing its muscle. It has become an ingrained reflex, Like a strong man in the circus showing the bulges on his arms. Unfortunately it also has a tendency to overreact to situations as a result, and this habit of killing mosquitoes using cannons has filtered down to the local level. In such times it is necessary to step back, and laugh at the pure idiocy of it, laugh out loud and in a public forum, laugh for that is the purest form of free speech. Look at the great empires of history, faded into myth and legend, Greece, Troy, Rome, Persia, America, Aztec, and laugh when you see people actively trying to repeat the mistakes that caused these empires to fall. Laugh for all the world to hear!!!"
I made this post in a FaceBook group called 2nd Revolt, a group that is actively trying to actively inform people on today's hot issues; Police brutality, government corruption, the rising Fasces. Unfortunately most people get stuck on non-issues, and never get off of them, more people try to transfer the blame to others. In "Informed Americans" the blame is given to the global Zionist conspiracy, and yet they never consider the source of their views on Zionism. In 1921 if you asked an Irish man where the greatest source of evil, in their eyes, came from, they would have said England. If you ask a Moslem, they will say it is Israel, ask an American, and the response will vary... Jews, Moslems, Government, problem is that this is only a way of passing the buck, of ignoring the timber in our own eyes.
 The truest form of evil arising, in the world, is wilful ignorance, blissfully forgetting to think, trying to wallow in stupidity, and swallowing everything the governments ministry of truth tells you. In time you will find the Christians being sent to prison, because their belief system has become illegal, because they stood around and did nothing when they could have made a stand against arising evil. All it takes for evil to prosper is for Christians to not be actively participating in activism. The occupy movement has a vein of antisemitism flowing through it, because of Palestinian infiltrators, and the christians have done nothing, (as a hole), "it doesn't affect us"...
 Can the belief system of the Christians have been so eroded that they actually refuse to see this?
 How much of the Holy Bible would be blacked out if Christians deleted parts they found inconvenient?
 Wilful ignorance is not only for the unwashed masses, indeed Christians are some of the worst partakers of this, not at all following the example of Christ. Maybe part of this is the allowance of pseudoscience to replace actual science, for an example I offer Creation Science. (No such thing). It came about as a way to refute Evolution, but that also is not a science, both fall within the realms of art, and fantasy. Science, true science, has provable results, you cannot possibly prove creation, nor evolution, without faith. What is next, do we relegate our own personal faith to science in order to battle the heathen? If already we are allowing deception to take part in our daily life, and we are ignoring facts we are then party to the evil that is arresting our faith.  If we are party to this evil, we are no better than the terrorists, who attack the churches in Nigeria, or the Syrians who whine about how unfair life is because Israel exists.
 Why are the Christians not standing up against the whining of Syrians, defending Israel against antisemitic attacks? Perhaps it is because they have become indistinguishable from the rest of the world, they are terrified of offering offence, they just wanna live in peace, they just wanna be politically correct. So they are bound for a Hell of their own building...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For many the word evokes images of well dressed men and scantily clad women, prancing about on a stage making doves appear from handkerchiefs, pulling rabbits from hats, maybe even a woman levitating in the air whilst the magician thrusts a sharp blade beneath her. We call it magic, but we know it merely to be skillfully applied science, with aptly laid out illusion. Most "western people" stopped believing in magic long ago, they were too busy for imagination, and storytellers, too busy to be entertained, too busy chasing the illusive dollar. The schools encouraged logical thinking, those to whom creativity was their best asset were marginalized, forced to adapt to the false reality imposed by an unethical, and unbalanced education.
 Now I hear some people saying, " what the heck is he talking about", I am talking of magic, for the magic we used to watch on stage was a compilation of artistic endeavour, no less than Jared Robinson's paintings. ( Little plug there for my cousin). I write poetry, that too is a compilation of artistic endeavour, but poetry lost its magic years past, when it became mere words on a page, when most the "best" poetry failed to evoke a response, the lack of emotional response makes it so many wasted words. Some poetry has magic all it's own though, like what I tried to capture in this poem:
I look at you, and my heart explodes
a million pieces, all loving you
it's a rush, a surge, burning me through
a courtship of many different modes
I need you, this I cannot deny
'Tis more than I can possibly say
the words my eyes, and heart betray
a raging torrent we can't defy
I am a blazing bonfire of love
with passion I burn, to dim the sun
see how raw, these, my emotions run
for you who fit me, like hand in glove
Your kisses are sweeter than any wine
your eye are deeper than the seas
I get lost looking where she sees
I long to say you are truly mine
Should I live for all eternity
I doubt I could find another like you
who holds my heart as tight as you do
and lets me live in love's great city
A poet writes what he  knows, if he is any good at his craft, so this is what i set out to do in this poor example of creative composition. Perhaps it is just wasted words, perhaps not, perhaps it invokes that emotional response, in you, dear reader.
 That is one kind of magic, one in which many parlay, but there is another more insidious, more perfidious, malicious kind. I live in Mexico, where the magic of creation lingers long in the air, where that ancient magic echoes through the hills, and the serpents try to twist it, to bend what they barely comprehend. There are plenty of Charlatans, and frauds here, preying on the unfortunate inhabitants of this realm, promising the removal of demons. Removals which may take multiple sessions costing thousands of pesos, yet they are but mumblers praying to defunct gods, who were powerless when the priests of old carved their bodies from the stone, and invented them, powerless always. Yet the people gave them power, and sacrifices, some of their temples flowed with so much blood that channels were laid for directing it.
There are witches too, whom have some demonic powers, and still they act as if they were from the Most High. Make no mistake there is a battle here, for the souls of the populace, and what we once perceived as a spiritual battle plays out in the corporeal realm. Christians here suffer from demonic oppression, and the churches do nothing but pray, Western doctrine holds sway, (the time of demons is long past), and they are wrong. Wrong north of the river, and wrong south.
There is in this land an unholy saint, saint death - to whom much power is ascribed, witches, priests, and other charlatans gather beneath his banner, and the Christian church does nothing but pray.
In the Warsaw ghetto, during the second great war of the twentieth century, a handful of jews got fed up with doing nothing. They stood up and fought, and for a month held off the might of the nazi army. Some few escaped to tell the story, so we have an example of how only a few standing up to a great power can make a difference. There is a song, "In heavenly armor we will enter the land, the battle belongs to the LORD, No weapon that's fashioned, against us can stand, the battle belongs to the LORD", if all we do is pray we are not using that heavenly armor. Maybe we have neglected the armor so long, that we have forgotten its use is for taking part in the battle...
Ho, my comrades, see the signal,
Waving in the sky!
Reinforcements now appearing,
Victory is nigh.

"Hold the fort, for I am coming,"
Jesus signals still;
Wave the answer back to heaven,
By thy grace we will."

See the mighty host advancing,
Satan leading on,
Mighty men around us falling,
Courage almost gone!

"Hold the fort, for I am coming,"
Jesus signals still;
Wave the answer back to heaven,
By thy grace we will."

See the glorious banner waving,
Hear the trumpet blow!
In our Leader's name we'll triumph,
Over every foe.

"Hold the fort, for I am coming,"
Jesus signals still;
Wave the answer back to heaven,
By thy grace we will."

Fierce and long the battle rages,
But our help is near,
Onward comes our great Commander,
Cheer, my comrades, cheer.

"Hold the fort, for I am coming,"
Jesus signals still;
Wave the answer back to heaven,
By thy grace we will."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Okay, here it is, stop your whining Dan!!
 I have been asked by various people to open a blog to iterate my ponderings on politics, poetry, and prose, so here it is, stop whining!!!
You will notice I recommend a few other blogs, and trust me - if you like my passionate rants, poetical studies, or even my fictional stories, then you will like these blogs. If you want to know why a person thinks as he does, then see what he reads, or in many cases watches on the one eyed god who tells him what to think, and what to not think. The decline of the story teller is due in a large part to an electronic gadget that rules the house, for if it did not then schedules would not be reworked around the programming, and parents would not use it as a babysitter, and the media would not have such a hold on how people think.
 My friend Christian would say that I have a tendency to wax long on certain subjects, or perhaps in private he would refer to it as flogging a dead horse, I admit that sometimes I will go off on a rant ad nausium,but i am not trying to flog a dead horse, I am trying to flay it, and post up the dead rotting corpse for all to see, and smell. If this dead horse raises enough of a stink, then perhaps people will be annoyed enough to do something about it. Unlike many people, though, I will admit when I am wrong, and if necessary make apologies, though I am not often wrong, I try to get my facts straight, and when the ducks are in a row, maybe I can shoot several of them with only one bullet. When I find myself on open ground, fighting a battle, and no one notices, then sometimes I call for reinforcements. Imagine the furor that arises when more than just I am reporting an issue that people would try to ignore.
 Ignorance is not bliss, it is potentially fatal to your freedom, whether you are a patriot fighting for liberty, or a follower of Christ fighting against the pervasive evil that has infiltrated the church, or pretty much anybody else, fighting for justice, freedom, truth, or love. It is my task to try to relieve you of your ignorance, on certain subjects, and try to entertain you at other times... I am a storyteller afterall, and a poet, and you will be able to revue and comment critically upon my musings, my poetry, even my writing. Dear reader, remember when you are offended by what i say, look at why it offends you!!!!